| Stator core

A stator core is made out of a large number of electromagnetic steel plates built up in a stamping die and riveted together. By winding a coil around it, the stator becomes an electromagnet, and rotational force is generated in the rotor. Yutaka leveraged its highly developed press molding technology, used in the mass production of its mainstay torque converter and other products, and began mass production of stator cores.

Die technology precise down to the micron level
Die design, manufacture and tooling technology for create products that require accuracy down to the micron level

Ultra-high-speed precision press technology

Press technology using lightweight and highly durable dies that accomplishes high material yield rate as well as high-speed

High-quality, fully automated production technology

Fully automation of technology, from press to packaging, which allows the realization of high quality and stable production.

| Rotor

There are two types of motors used in hybrid electric vehicles, one for driving and one for generating electricity, with the type of motor used varying according to the hybrid system. The rotor is an important part that constitutes the rotation axis of the motor. The drive rotor converts electricity stored in the battery into driving force to move the vehicle, while the electricity generation rotor transmits the rotational force from the engine and during regenerative braking into the motor, where it is converted into electricity.

Assembly line with high production capacity
All processes are automated, from machining to measurement
Clean mass-production line
Clean mass-production line implemented by applying technology developed during torque converter production

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