Torque converter Technology

Torque converter Technology

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We own a total of 5 press machines and based on the mold technology accumulated over the past 20 years, we are striving for stable production and quality improvement on a daily basis.
In 2016, we introduced a 3D transfer press machine and have gained even higher productivity and cost competitiveness.
>Robot 1R/B+2Positioner 1 Axis Laser welding (LW) is a technique for joining metals using a laser beam. The welding is achieved by heating the area and the applying pressure. It is the most suitable welding method for thinner, high-strength, wear-resistant steels.

Description Weight Unit
Transfer Press 600 ton 1 unit
Feed Prees 160 ton 1 unit
Single Action Press 600 ton 1 unit
300 ton 1 unit
110 ton 1 unit

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